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Faboolux is dependable as a one stop solution for all your interior design requirements. Our tech powered systems enable a smooth consultation, production and installation experience to our customers.

Faboolux takes pride in being the first and only company in the interior design and production sector to provide a fully automated system driven by technology.

Please contact us at +91 89438 11999 to schedule a visit to our Experience Centre, where our team can guide you on how to get started with the process. Alternatively, you may also connect via a video consultation and walkthrough with us for an initial chat. 

Faboolux focuses on the interior modular segment namely modular kitchens, wardrobes, storage and office solutions, from project planning to design and manufacturing. For our valued modular furniture clients we also offer allied services of interior design for eg. paneling, wallpaper, ceiling works etc. to name a few.

A customer needs to invest a little time with us to start with, for finalising the requirements and designs. Rest assured, the manufacturing, site validation and installation are all handled by our operations team, during which the customer just needs to login to their account through our website where you can track the project progress. 

We provide an initial consultation with a design and BOQ free of cost. Since we value the precious time of our design team and customers equally, detailed designs, revisions and high quality renders or drawings will be shared only after the project is commissioned to Faboolux through the booking process which consists of a small booking amount.

Once you raise a project requirement with us, we will share our proposal within 48 hours. After you are satisfied with the same, you may please proceed to the booking process. We will advance to the next stage by site visits and detailing. After the customer finalizes the design and BOQ with our team, we will place an order, and you can expect delivery and installation to be finished in 45 days. 

(Please note that the 45 days timeline is from the day the customer confirms designs in a sign off document, and not from the date of booking. Since the time taken for design confirmation is not fixed or predictable and will vary for each customer.)

We offer and recommend 710 grade Plywood for your modular interior, but the materials are actually based on Customer needs and budgets and our suggestions on how to find a middle ground between the two. As for finishes, we offer laminate, acrylic, PU and glass for our modular products.

Faboolux is committed to delivering products that justify their pricing. We have product offerings in four different segments namely, FabEssentia, FabElevate, FabOpulent and FabGrandeur, with FabEssentia being our base offering and FabGrandeur being the luxury segment with endless customisations. Further in each category the final price will be dependent on the finishes and materials customers choose, the guidance to which will be given by our design team once you communicate your price expectations clearly.

The key points to select the best materials for your modular kitchen and wardrobe depends on the customers’ budget, needs, site conditions and ease of maintenance.

Efficient space and modular unit wise planning and adding basic accessories in kitchen and wardrobe can also add to storage optimisation. Examples of storage accessories include bottle and spice pull-outs, GTPT units etc. in kitchens and trouser pull-outs and drawers in wardrobes.

We take up projects with a minimum modular value of 1.5 lakhs, and the finishes offered for the lowest range are suede finish laminates with a frosty white inner laminate, and normal pull handles.

We offer a 10 year warranty on all our factory manufactured modular units. For accessories, hinges and others warranty is as per the manufacturer.  We also support our customers with 2 free services per year for the first two years,  the first service will be 6 months from the date of handover. After the first two years, services will be only on request and also chargeable.(Please note that free service is applicable only for manufacturing defects and not for water damage or usage abuse.)

We offer a full refund for cancellation requests made within 48 hours of booking. From 48 hours to 7 days we offer a 50% refund of the booking amount, but we do not support cancellations made beyond 7 days in order to make sure that our team's efforts are fairly reimbursed in the event that the consumer changes their mind after booking.

Faboolux welcomes both compliments and concerns, as we are eager to develop and fine tune ourselves through your valuable feedback.

You may connect with us at +91-89438 11999 and for any assistance.

We understand the need for peace of mind and assurance when it comes to building your dream home. To instill confidence in our products and services, we encourage visiting the Faboolux Experience Centre and Design Studio at Kochi and the state of the art manufacturing facility at Kanjikode, Palakkad.